Editorial Services

I provide an efficient and creative service, delivering accurate editing to agreed timescales, always respecting

the client’s confidentiality.

What services do I offer?

Project Management

I provide a complete project management service, taking a manuscript through development, editing and production, working within the publisher’s budget and timescale. I enjoy liaising with authors and commissioning, briefing and monitoring other freelance suppliers, such as designers and typesetters, copyeditors, proofreaders and answer checkers, picture researchers and permissions specialists.

Developmental Editing

I work with a rough draft to produce an orderly and engaging manuscript that is tailored to the needs of a particular market sector or syllabus. This can include rewriting and restructuring as necessary, to ready the material for copyediting or production. I work closely with the author to make the best book possible, taking a kind and diplomatic approach to author queries.


I prepare manuscripts for production in Microsoft Word, using either traditional typed codes for typographical features or styles in an XML template. I edit for readability, consistency and accuracy, listing author queries as these arise. I can also draw up sized artwork briefs, picture research briefs and figure lists, and permissions briefs and lists.


According to the brief, I proofread on PDF or paper, checking for consistency in spelling, grammar, layout and typography, or I check off corrected pages against a marked set. I also offer collation of marked sets if required. I carry out the normal housekeeping checks of page numbers, running heads, contents page, figure and table numbers.

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